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Terms and conditions



1. 50% deposit via PayPal required following notification of project cost.

2. 50% balance due via PayPal before project delivery after receiving balance due invoice.

3. Deposits and balances are not refundable.


Additional edits

1. Additional edits for delivered content will be billed separately. The cost will be invoiced in full and payment is due via PayPal before additional edits are completed. The first 45 minutes of additional edits are free.
2. Payments for additional edits are not refundable.



1. Writing Coach 911 and LSV Communications LLC have not made, do not make, and specifically negate and disclaim any representations, warranties, promises, covenants, agreements, or guaranties of any kind or character whatsoever, whether express or implied, oral or written, of, as to, concerning, or with respect to the delivered work product. Client acknowledges and agrees that Writing Coach 911’s and LSV Communications LLC’s liability related to the delivered work product shall be limited, in all respects, to 25% of the amount client has paid to date to Writing Coach 911 and LSV Communications LLC for the delivered work product, and expressly excludes consequential and punitive damages.

Writing Coach 911 is a business segment of LSV Communications LLC. Copyright © 2024 LSV Communications LLC. All rights reserved.

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